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Cleveland, Ohio

Flipside Design is a family owned company specializing in handmade greeting cards, invitations and stationary.  We believe in the love of handmade.


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The baby shower's not too far...  (away)

After a million prayers, this day is finally here! We are SO excited and hope you are too! In preparation for the big day, please use the form below to RSVP so that we can contact you in case of a venue change due to snow.  You will also find a link to Christina's baby registry and a place to cast your vote for the baby's name!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Angie or Melissa.  See you soon!

Saturday March 18th at Eleven in the morning at the home of Shirley Lipscomb

Help name Baby Saenz!  

Our Rising Star needs a name that is pronounced the SAME in both English and Spanish!  For example Matthew is pronounced Mateo in Spanish so that won't work. What name can you think of? My vote is Blake!


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Angie Prater: 540.239.7977

Melissa Wright: 678.895.6409